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Die casting: forming low cost solutions

Die casting is one of the most versatile and prolific metalworking processes, creating countless varieties of parts used in almost every industry imaginable.
Before launching a part, many parameters must be taken into account: type of metal, processes, tooling, machining and surface treatment.
Die casting has a significant cost advantages over other manufacturing processes especially when volume become medium/large, while offers fast production leadtime, good dimension accuracy and nice product surface.

Commonly used material:

Aluminium: A380 ; 360 ; ADC12, 383 ; ADC1
Zinc: Zamak 2 ; Zamak 3 ; Zamak 5 ; Zamak 7

Precision machining: because details matter

We offer a variety of machining processes including 5 axis CNC machining and turning made from extruded parts, casting parts or aluminum bars. Secondary processes include: milling, tapping, drilling, turning, sand-blasting, surface treatement.

Commonly used material:

Aluminium: 6063 ; 6061; 7075
Brass: 260
Copper: C101
Stainless Steel: SUS 303; SUS 316

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